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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 6, 2010 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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and it's time for tonight's
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closing argument. elena kagan got the job. this afternoon, the senate confirmed her 63-37 for the supreme court. and when she joins that court, she will be one of three women, a historic milestone there. she'll likely join the liberal minority on the divided high court. as dean at harvard law school, kagan earned a reputation for building consensus. so, we wanted to ask you tonight, do you think justice kagan can bridge the court's gulf? or has the court itself become just another partisan arena in a sharply divided country? tell us what you think on the "nightline" page at that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. join me tonight with guests ice cube, melissa rycroft, and music from saving abel. and whoopi goldberg? white house party crasher michaele salahi claims she hit her on the set. did she? >> you've been abusing me.
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>> excuse me. to the white house, please? >> jimmy: you know what, she didn't, but she did gently touch the crap out of her. we'll have the full story, and some stuff we made up, tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" -- back in two minutes. where we pick up a couple of horses that we ride to a nearby river. then we canoe upstream to a helicopter that takes us to the conference. or we could book with and stay closer. see, with welcomerewards, no matter where you accumulate 10 nights, you get a free one. huh. smarter. [ male announcer ] accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcomerewards from smart. so smart.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ice cube. co-host of "bachelor pad", melissa rycroft. and music from saving abel. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, might i add,
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone, i'm jimmy. thank you for coming. thank you for watching. i'm here tonight to entertain you and who knows, maybe it will actually happen. it was very, very hot today. almost everywhere in the united states except for here, really. there are heat advisories in 18 states from texas to new york. it's been over 90 degrees in washington, d.c. for 45 days already this year. and when it gets this hot, how do you beat the heat? well, you go to the lake and jump on something called the blob.
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isn't that great? i need a blob. first i need a lake, then i need a blob. [ cheers and applause ] that's -- will somebody please get me a blob? thank you. on mtv tonight, the "jersey shore" returned for a second episode of the second season. there is, let me tell you, there's a lot of tension between j-woww and angelina right now. why i care about this, i have no idea. but i think i do. if you don't watch the show, there's a girl named angelina who doesn't get along with the other girls in the house, because she supposedly bad mouthed them. she left the show last year but they brought her back. i guess they figured it would add traudra drama, and it has. >> i'm here -- >> you're not having [ bleep ] with us. >> you can stay, get your [ bleep ]. you can stay, get your [ blee ]
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[ bleep ] -- plain an simple. >> okay. >> you want some pretzels, dude? >> jimmy: will, you know what? don't let a little fight ruin your appetite for pretzels. when this show first premiered, many people worried it would -- perpetuate italian-american stereotypes, and they were right, it did. my aunt chippy is very loud, outspoken, she's an italian-american stereotype herself. i didn't know what she would think of this show. we asked her to review it for us each week. and here she is, my aunt chippy with her review of tonight's "jersey shore." >> with all the wonderful talent that's out there in the world, they got to have these people on making asses of themselves. that 60 years from now, when their boobs are down to here and their asses are down to here, they're going to think, hey, i was hot. you're not hot. you're dumb and you're getting
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dumber. >> jimmy: all right. [ applause ] so, she liked it, i think. yesterday, as you probably heard, was president obama's birthday. he turned 49 years old. if you believe the liberal media. the president spent his birthday, and this is, you would think it was a joke. he spent it with oprah. this is the president arriving for dinner with oprah in chicago. even justin bieber doesn't get to have dinner with oprah on his birthday. needless to say, a rig use round of footsie ensued. the president has no skin left on his front shin. here's oprah all dressed up. gayle came along. obama brought white house senior adviser valerie jarrett and two other friends. stedman stayed in the car. window cracked, of course. gayle brought him a slice of cake later. which is nice. they ate at a restaurant that
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calls himself bistro-nomic. four-star dining at reasonable prices. not to be confused with bistro-netic. i wonder who picked up the check. he's the president, but she's oprah. and it's his birthday, too. maybe they split it, i don't know. would didn't they be something. either way, must have been nice. did you see oprah today? >> right here, on this stage, somebody went and got it on with barack obama! >> jimmy: well that was a birthday, wasn't it? it's like it's her birthday. this season of oprah is her last before she goes off to start her own cable channel. today they announced that rosie o'donnell is going to join her. rosie is going to do a talk show on the oprah channel. they are really starting a new legion of doom over there, aren't they? i would like to be the first to
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offer the following prediction. i forsee personality conflicts. didn't rosie leave a smoking crater where "the view" used to be? who is going to protect nate bu burkis. there's a bit of a dust-up on "the view" yesterday. the white house party crasher, mikhail salahi was on the show to promote "the real housewives of d.c. "she's on that show. of course, most people didn't want to hear about that. they wanted to hear about how she snuck into the state dinner at the white house. at one point, whoopi goldberg came out to try to get her to talk about it and watch this, because salahi claims whoopi hit her here. >> you've been abusing me. you're a woman -- >> gives him the right to -- >> i want to go forward. i want to go forward. >> i felt someone touch me. >> that was whoopi. >> jimmy: i didn't see the hit. here is with whoopi taking us through it. >> i was backstage waiting for
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the conversation to get back to the white house part. now, here's another camera that shows exactly what i did and what i said. >> beauty is in all sizes. you've been abusing me. >> excuse me. could you get back to the white house, please? >> jimmy: yeah, she hit her, i mean -- see, when rosie hits someone, you know it. it was not -- and then when whoopi heard this woman claiming she hit her, she went in the dressing room, and there was a lot of yelling. they had to play a quick game of hide the salahi. and here is another angle on this, and this, you can really see what she meant here. >> beauty is in all sizes. because you've been abusing me. >> could you get back to the white house -- >> jimmy: that's -- that's what you expect from whoo pi. a whooping.
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it's about time someone did that. whoopi is so far the only person that's publicly defended mel gibson. there was an interview today with a hypnotist that claimed he put mel gibson in a trance to help him deal with the stress with everything that's been going on and today, audio from the hypnosis session was leaked online. >> okay, mel, i'm going to try to help you relax. so just sit down. >> i don't need you and i don't want you doing it. i don't think you can do it. >> i've actually had quite a lot of success with this type of treatment. >> what are you, a [ bleep ] expert? >> technically, yes. why don't we just get started? >> i deserve to be [ bleep ] first. >> right. why don't we start by counting backyards from ten? >> [ bleep ] you. >> jimmy: it doesn't work for everyone. yesterday, a federal judge overturned proposition 8 here in california, prop 8 banned same sex marriage, so -- [ applause ] obviously, the ruling was cause
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for celebration. our local news reported on the celebrations that were going on in west hollywood, and provided us with a delightful edition of "behind the news." >> as you might imagine, the mood out here still a celebratory and overjoyed. the official rally just wrapped up a few moments ago. >> jimmy: that's -- beautiful. [ applause ] like you to meet my husband, wonder woman. today was primary election day in tennessee. on monday, we had a candidate for the republican nomination for governor, a guy named basil marceau. if you haven't seen him, here is a taste of his magic. >> hello, citizens. this is basil. i'm your republican candidate for governor of tennessee. i want you to put me in this
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building the capital behind me here, so i can do my issues. and make it all more freer than you were yesterday. >> reporter: all righ . >> jimmy: sorry, ladies. he's taken, by the way. he took part in an impromptu debate last night against howard switzer and a separatist named june griffin. and as you'll see here, it was quite a meeting of the minds. >> don't have any constitutional rights. but here again, they're still human becomes, so, i have a plan that i do. i think it's going to be good. i'll round up anybody that looks like a mexican and send them over the border. and if they got a green card, they come back through. >> jimmy: all right, well, that doesn't -- doesn't seem like the most practical way to do it, but who are we to question basil? i mean -- of all the candidates
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in the republican primary, he's the only one who promised to make everyone who votes for him immune from all state laws for life. unfortunately, even that offer didn't excite too many people. right now, 52% of the precincts reporting, he's got 2,300 votes, which is good for, i think, last place. but the good news is, basil says he may want to run for the white house with sarah palin, so -- let's -- [ applause ] say a little prayer. somebody's got to tell sara h palin about this. on fox news, sarah palin took another opportunity to lash out at him. >> do you think that the narrative that the president is wimpy is going to take place? >> i think he's quite complacent and i think he's in over his head and i think he has poor advisers around him and i think he's really influx, kind of, when it comes to what his
12:21 am
governing philosophy actually is. some of this, though, is a result of he not having much experience, and then a complicit media and maybe some voters who chose not to allow him to be vetted very closely. >> jimmy: it's interesting, because some of those things could potentially be applied to her, you know? let's do a little mad libbing with some help from uncle frank here. >> do you think over time, the narrative that the president is wimpy -- >> i think i'm quite complaisant and in over my head and i have poor advisers around me and i think i'm really influx kind of comes to what my governing philosophy actually is. some of this, though, is a result of me not having much experience and then a complicit media and maybe some voters who chose not to allow me to be vetted very closely. >> jimmy: you know what, now it
12:22 am
makes more sense. [ applause ] all right, well -- it's -- thursday night, and it is time now for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary senscensorshi censorship." >> very excited about the show tonight because it's two of my biggest fears. a great white shark [ bleep ] me or my husband cheating. >> how have you guys been [ bleep ] around in the last two months? >> very quietly. >> chelsea really came into her own. she discovered the blow [ bleep ], right? >> greg takes a look at how favre's indecisiveness over the years may have [ bleep ] his legacy. >> hi, mom. by the way, she was the queen of the watermelon [ bleep ] contest in lulu, texas, in 1962. >> you don't need to [ bleep ] a [ bleep ] to find the perfect outfit. >> that's a chance to [ bleep ] your very on firefighter.
12:23 am
>> i know there are millions who must celebrate quietly across america. places where merely [ bleep ] the [ bleep ] out of a loved one still feels like a revolutionary act. >> we want to see if you can [ bleep ] yourself, given more time. you're in. >> thank you so much. i'll [ bleep ] myself so hard. thank you. >> jimmy: we have a good show tonight. from the new show "bachelor pad," melissa rycroft is here. we'll have music from saving abel. and we'll be right back with ice cube, so stick around. you ready?
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i'm ready. let me see her.
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here she is. oh boy, she's beautiful, she's perfect. isn't she? how does it feel being a grandfather? oh incredible, how does it feel being a father? it feels pretty great. ♪ everyone experiences it differently. new 5 react gum. stimulate your senses.
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>> jimmy: we >> jimmy: well, thank you for coming back to me. with us tonight, a young woman
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who fell victim to a fickle bachelor. she danced with the stars, she now serves as co-host of the new show "bachelor pad." melissa rycroft is with us. then later -- their cd is in stores now. it's called "miss america," saving abel from the bud light stage. next week on the show, we have quite a roster of guests. sylvester stallone, jason statham, chef gordon ramsey, jada pinkett-smith, jason schwartzman, chris harrison, sofia vergara -- and music from luke bryan, christian scott, buckcherry, and joanna newsom. but we can't do it without you, so please make a note of it. also, our announcer dicky barrett and his band, the mighty mighty bosstones, touring the united states this month starting august 19th here in hollywood at the house of blues. with stops in washington d.c, allenfou allenfound, philadelphia, buffalo, detroit, and finally
12:29 am
milwaukee on august 28th. so if you like ska core music, or just grown men wearing plaid, tickets are on sale at ticketmaster. am i going to be invited to play my bass clarinet on this tour? >> dicky: funny you should mention that, jimmy. on monday, i was going to ask you -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> dicky: if you would do that and maybe give us a plug but now that you gave us the plug, never mind. >> jimmy: oh, all right, well -- maybe i'll force myself -- >> dicky: house of blues here in hollywood. will you be there? >> jimmy: i will be. absolutely. i will be. i wouldn't -- i wouldn't let our petty differences get in the way of our music, you know? >> dicky: petty? >> jimmy: all right, here we go. with the group nwa, our first guest helped popularize gangster rap, and, you may not know, the grilled chicken wrap, too. as an actor, he's starred in every movie with the word 'friday' or 'barbershop' in the title ever made. his latest is called "lottery ticket" and it opens august
12:30 am
20th. please welcome ice cube. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. how you feeling, man? >> jimmy: doing good. by the way, i have a hat just like that and i was driving around at the beach last weekend and some teenager called me a name for wearing the hat. >> is that right? probably said give cube back his damn hat. >> jimmy: you know what, if i was you, you wouldn't have been called that name. >> no, no, no. i probably look a little cooler than you, but you know -- >> jimmy: undoubtedly. you just got off tour with snoop dogg. >> i went on tour with the homie snoop. >> jimmy: who opened for who? >> i opened for snoop. we all got a lot of hits, so -- you know, i love going out with snoop because people get their money's worth, you know what i'm
12:31 am
saying? >> jimmy: and when you're with snoop, is it like -- is he professional about the way -- because he seems to always be high. [ laughter ] and that seems like it might make it difficult to kind of work. >> no, he can function pretty good. >> jimmy: he can function pretty good? >> he can function pretty good. he do his thing. you know, it's hip hop, it's his rap. so, you know, it's really -- you know, snoop, i think snoop can do what the hell he want to do, you know what i mean? >> jimmy: and he does. [ applause ] who has the bigger entourage on this tour? >> oh, definitely snoop. definitely snoop. i keep mine lean and mean. yeah, baby. i used to go without with 15, 20 people. not no more. >> jimmy: how many guys you got now? >> about six, seven. >> jimmy: and what -- do you have rules when you run your tour, things people have to abide by? >> yeah.
12:32 am
be on time and don't cost me no money. you know what i mean? my two rules, i don't have any other rules. >> jimmy: did something happen to prompt you to establish those rules? >> yeah, because if you don't have rules, man, you know, i used to have dudes that would go on the road with me and we'd stay at nice hotels and, you know, in the morning they would want to get up and go and eat the buffet but this is for ford's corporate people, man. you can't just be out there -- >> jimmy: they were busting into private buffets. >> they have the corporate people all up in arms. so it's just -- these dudes are starting to be a liability. so i had to get some of the smarter homies to be with me, and it's all good now. >> jimmy: you do not want to eat ford's melon, you know. you stick -- it's not gangster. >> i mean, it's gangster if you are all in they eggs with your
12:33 am
hands. that's pretty gangster. >> jimmy: you grew up here in l.a. what was -- what did you do in the summer as a kid? what kind of things did you do? >> we did it all. back then, you know, before all of this, you know, we actually played in the street, you know what i mean? we played football, basketball. you know, it wasn't a lot of swimming pools where i'm from, but you know, one neighbor had one, and we would hop the fence when they went to work and we would all go swimming, you know what i mean? >> jimmy: did they know you were using the pool? >> yeah, because, as kids, you like, you think you got away with it, but you forget you leave the concrete wet and you got all kinds of stuff and you see people coming around going from door to door. ah, do you have a son, because i think they were swimming in our backyard. so, it is what it is. >> jimmy: your kids don't have to sneak over the fence to swim in the neighbor's pool. how many kids do you have? >> they have it good. >> jimmy: do you try to tell
12:34 am
them these stories and do they care when you tell them? >> i try to tell them but it's funny, they don't care. >> jimmy: they really don't. >> i would think they would care. >> jimmy: they don't. because, well, why would you think that? because you don't care when your parents would tell you these stories, right? >> yeah, but i'm me. they should care. how old -- your daughter is a teenager, right? >> she's 16. >> jimmy: all right, so, 16 years old. maybe boy comes over to meet dad and dad turns out to be you. >> okay. >> jimmy: does that ever happen? and how do these boys react? >> they, you know, nice kids, you know what i mean? they usually, when they see me they definitely put on their nice act. so it's all cool. i just let them know, hey, you know what's happening. you treat her right and i treat you right. but anything you do to her, i'm doing to you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: enough said.
12:35 am
>> enough said. >> jimmy: this is really cool. this is -- you brought this along. this is -- we're asking, you know, i this drake was here and writes all his songs on his whatever thing he has. but you write them out in this notebook, and this is filled with songs, back to nwa. i mean, it's unbelievable. i have never seen the n-word in writing this many times in my life. this is pretty incredible. i mean -- you saved these, huh? >> that's what it's all about. i know everybody writing they rhymes like this now, but -- i mean, if you had a chance to get bob marley's notebook, wouldn't you want it? >> jimmy: exactly. more official. >> i got rhymes in here from -- i got "express yourself" from nwa. i got "no vaseline," "steady mobbing." >> jimmy: you have really nice handwriting.
12:36 am
>> yeah. and you know what? don't worry about the spelling, i'm product of the l.a. unified school district, so -- >> jimmy: but the handwriting. >> spelling might be a little off. >> jimmy: speming pretty good, i have to say. >> i went to drafting school, so that's why my handwriting is -- >> jimmy: really? you learned -- wow. you learned how to write nicely in drafting school. i should have went to drafting school myself. you got this new movie and you play an old man -- >> i'll take that back. >> jimmy: i don't blame you. don't worry. i'll never steal anything from you. >> okay, cool. >> jimmy: one thing you can count on is, i will never commit a crime that you will be the victim of. >> that's good to know. >> jimmy: you play an old guy, kind of, from the neighborhood, right? >> yeah, yeah. i play an old dude named mr. washington. >> jimmy: what did they do to you to make you old? >> a lot of makeup. and it was a trip, because, you know, i -- the first time i
12:37 am
showed up on set, i guess some of the extras didn't know the script so they just saw me and they thought i was just like doing bad. they were like, damn, cube is not taking care of himself at all. you know what i'm saying? so, i guess the makeup worked, you know what i mean? it was pretty cool. >> jimmy: let's see how you look here this is a clip from "lottery ticket." >> heard of muhammad ali? >> have i? >> ken norton. i even knocked out -- what's that boy's name, leon spinks, i knocked them teeth out. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's -- that's little bow bow right? he's just bow bow now. >> just bow wow now. >> jimmy: maybe because he's shorter than -- it just shows
12:38 am
you how important it is to establish a name when you pick your rap name. that's why i'm still looking. >> i know, man. little jimmy -- >> jimmy: it's not -- >> young money jimmy. >> jimmy: would you consider being a judge on "american idol"? >> ah -- i'm meaner than simon cowell. >> jimmy: yeah. i mean, you could actually shoot people if -- you know? >> yeah. >> jimmy: something to think about. >> something to think about. >> jimmy: keep it in mind. >> i'll keep that in mind. >> jimmy: the movie is called "lottery ticket," opens in theaters august 20th. ice cube, everybody. we'll be right back with melissa rycroft. ♪ straightening and bleaching ♪ and dyeing and curling -♪ crimping -♪ and cutting ♪ and hair finger twirling ♪ threading my hair through some bright coloured rings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favourite things ♪
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♪ everyone experiences it differently. new 5 react gum. stimulate your senses.
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>> jimmy: yeah. thank you, cleto. still to come on the show, saving abel will be here. after suffering on-camera heartbreak and humiliation at the hands of jason during the conclusion of the 13th season of "the bachelor," our next guest
12:43 am
returns to the world of thorny roses, hot tubs and tears as co-host with chris harrison on the new emotional hydrogen bomb called "bachelor pad." "bachelor pad" premieres monday night at 8:00 here on abc. please give a big welcome to melissa rycroft. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: melissa, you are now officially on every single show on abc, aren't you? >> i'm trying. making the rounds as best as i can. >> jimmy: "dancing with the stars," "the bachelor," obviously. "good morning america." and now "bachelor pad." which is -- what is the idea of this? >> oh, gosh. it kind of combines all the elements we know of "big brother" and "big brother" and "bachelor" in one super reality show. >> jimmy: what is their goal? >> well, they either love or $250,000, depending on who you're talking about.
12:44 am
>> jimmy: love or $250,000? >> probably love more for the girls and money for the boys. probably. >> jimmy: so, at the end of it, they'll say, would you like to propose to this person or would you like the money -- >> oh, no. they're all living together in one big house so there's 19 contestants together. guys and girls in one bedroom living together. >> jimmy: that's not a good idea. people will get in arguments. you don't want to see that on tv. >> terrible tv. right. and then they compete in challenges against each other and ultimately want to end up with this $250,000. but you know, romances are kind of being made and unfortunately broken along the way. >> jimmy: really? >> yalely. >> jimmy: and so we will get to see that whole thing happen. and are the romances purely between the girls or the girls or any of the guys getting together -- >> anybody you're interested -- >> jimmy: all the girls get in a romance with each other. >> i will tell you, at one point --
12:45 am
[ applause ] everybody ends up kissing everybody else. >> jimmy: everybody winds up kissing everyone else. >> that's what i will tell you. >> jimmy: that's half good. >> it's great to watch. >> jimmy: congratulations. i hear you are -- you've been impregnated with a baby. >> i have. by my husband. [ applause ] >> jimmy: your husband. and this is -- i like to investigate this a little. your husband is the guy -- your boyfriend before you went on "the bachelor." >> who you said we didn't have good odds of making it work last time i was here. >> jimmy: well, it hasn't been that long. >> well, we've made lots of baby steps in the relationship. >> jimmy: you made one specific baby step in -- >> that's a good one. >> jimmy: i don't understand how that works. you got this guy who obviously you had something special with or else you wouldn't have married him and had a baby. but you went on "the bachelor." >> he didn't realize how special i was before i went on "the bachelor." so, we had to take the nice
12:46 am
time-out that unfortunately, i think, most girls have to take -- >> jimmy: and that drove him insane, seeing you on the show. >> it worked. i didn't mean to. totally accidental. but five years later, i got him. >> jimmy: wow. [ applause ] interesting. and do you know if you're having a little bachelor or bachelorette? >> we don't know yet. it's still too soon to tell. we will find out as soon as possible. >> jimmy: everyone finds out. >> there's too many surprises going on. and basically it's a surprise if you find out as soon as possible or in the delivery room. >> jimmy: i could be the most dramatic birth yet. you should have chris harrison there narrating. >> him on one side, bergeron on the other. >> jimmy: why not? it couldn't hurt. >> see what i can do to get abc on board with that. >> jimmy: in a way, i think legally you're quite erequired this baby on tv. this has worked out for you very well, i guess. i mean, the way things went. it seemed really bad at the
12:47 am
beginning. and there's a lesson there. i don't know what it is. >> last we saw each other, the very beginning of this crazy ride that has become my life lately and it hasn't stopped. i don't understand it but i'm along for the ride. >> jimmy: what's been the strangest thing that's happened to you? how long ago has this been going on? you were -- regular going to work, doing regular things a year ago? >> yeah, a year ago -- well, march. almost a year and a half ago that this started. >> jimmy: what is the strangest thing that's happened to you in that time? >> most exciting, definitely, i got to go to the golden globes and to the oscars, which i don't belong there. i don't even pretend to be in that world or associate with these people. and i'm sitting there interviewing these people and up comes george clooney and i'm looking at him and calling my mom at the same time. he's the one guy on my mom's list, if you know what i mean, and i knew she was going to die that i got to meet him and talk to him.
12:48 am
so, definitely the most surreal moment. >> jimmy: did she die? >> with my dad sitting right there, you know, sorry about that, dad. >> jimmy: did you tell george that your mother -- >> i could have, but his girlfriend was staring right at me. >> jimmy: i think it's okay to say your mom -- it would be weird if you said, hey, george, guess what, you're on my list, but -- >> next time. >> jimmy: it's all right for mom to be on the list. i have a quote from the press release for "bachelor pad." it says, contestants reunite -- so, these are all -- >> old contestants from past seasons. >> jimmy: so who are the contestants? they're from old seasons of "bachelor" and "bachelorette." >> jimmy: are they notables? >> villains, hopeless romantics, the pot stirrers. all the mischievous ones -- >> jimmy: there's pot in the house? >> going to get me in trouble. >> jimmy: do you have, like, the weatherman -- >> weatherman in there. >> jimmy: who else that we would know?
12:49 am
>> craig from this past season and everybody remembers craig and weatherman were -- >> jimmy: craig? >> hair from canada. wes, you remember wes -- >> jimmy: no. >> did you watch the show? >> jimmy: i can remember every baseball player from the '70s, but for some reason -- >> you know me and chris, right? we're there. >> jimmy: i know the weatherman. the first names i have trouble with. >> you have tenley. elizabeth from the same season. >> jimmy: i don't remember her. jake's season. black hair. you can't kiss me, yes you can kiss me. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> kipton? >> jimmy: who? >> jesse beck. there's a bunch of them. >> jimmy: okay, good. and we just watch them and crazy things happen and then -- >> yeah, you know. there's a lot of emotion running around. because they do live together, they are together 24 hours a day, which is very different than on "bachelor" when you go on a handful of dates, you only see him x amount of times. they are together all day long
12:50 am
the entire process. so, emotions are running high. romances are starting, alliances are being formed at the same time being broken, you know, because they're all competing for money, and -- >> jimmy: is this the best environment for you to be incubating a baby? >> see, i didn't have to partake in any of the festivities. >> jimmy: you don't have to live in the house. >> we got to watch. >> jimmy: i got you. that's the best way. glad things are going, and best of luck with the baby and the marriage and that whole thing. and -- >> see you next time. >> jimmy: bring the baby next time. >> you want to babysit? >> jimmy: i will. do a little babysitting -- >> scratch that idea. >> jimmy: probably not a good idea. let me know. i would like to learn how to breast feed. melissa rycroft, everybody. "bachelor pad" premieres monday at 8:00 here on abc. we'll be right back with saving abel. arby's has a new jr. deluxe,
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just $2.50. >> jimmy: this is their new cd. it's called "miss america." here with the song "the sex is good," saving abel. ♪ ♪ you know all my deepest secrets i think you know you know to keep 'em ♪
1:00 am
♪ but i wonder if you know i hate sleeping alone so come and tell me what my kiss tastes like ♪ ♪ don't wanna miss it so turn off the lights but i wonder if you know i hate sleeping alone ♪ ♪ i have to fake it i'd leave if i could i'm not in love but the sex is good ♪ ♪ you can't mistake it 'cause it's understood i'm not in love but the sex is good ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ you got to know know my weakness you always touch ♪ ♪ in all the right places
1:01 am
we don't get along that well not much for talk but you're hot as hell ♪ ♪ i have to fake it i'd leave if i could i'm not in love but the sex is good ♪ ♪ you can't mistake it 'cause it's understood i'm not in love but the sex is good ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ it's not like i don't wanna stick around ♪ ♪ it's just tonight i'm gonna lay you down yeah ♪ ♪
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♪ i'm not in love i'm not in love but it sure is good ♪
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